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CERNA-002 {CERN}    (15 December 1999)
It's been almost 10 years (give or take) since the web was originated at CERN in Switzerland, and I suppose this is somewhat of a tribute to that. It's also a test in what can happen when you stay up until 2am and are unbelievably tired. This thing looks nothing like what I had originally envisioned, but it probably does the theme better justice that way.
Original v6 SplashA-001 {Original v6 Splash}    (1 November 1999)
Back when I had the idea to do version 6 I thought a splash page would be the "thing" to do, and this was the result. I didn't try to go too overboard, however I did want to make a point that the new site was going to be geared more towards web design, instead of just random things that appealed to a mass audience. I thought this got the point accross fairly well and gave me a springboard to start the creative process that turned into what you see today.
Joint Effort 002C-002 {Joint Effort 002}    (22 October 1999)
The second joint effort from myself, Annette Bonde and Mike Young (the first still remains MIA). The premise is simple...get on AIM, start with a background, send it to the next person, who adds one element, then send it on again and again until you're bored. A great way to waste an afternoon and come up w/ some fun artwork.
Magic Ghetto 8-BallJ-001 {Magic Ghetto 8-Ball}    (19 May 1999)
The great fortune telling toy for all ages originated by Tyco (name changed as not to break copyright rules) is now on the web, ghetto style. Great for asking the age old question "Should I get an OE 40 tonight?" This one is done entirely with Javascript, and uses some fancy workarounds to get it to do so. Flash would have been easier, but not as fun (or unique).
  A = Art;  F = Flash;  P = Perl;  J = Javascript;  D = DHTML;  C = Co-op;