Vitaflo v6 is an open information web design project developed by Brent Gustafson. Its main focus is to aid in the experimentation of web design by the design community at large. Its also been created under the premise that, while most experimental design sites succeed in terms of bringing new graphic experiences to the user, many fail when it comes to offering solid content on how the graphic process is achieved. While vitaflo does not aim to solve this problem outright, its goal is to aid in the notion that open information can be a Good Thing(tm) even in the otherwise closed realm of experimental web design.
Vitaflo v1 was originally created in March of 1997 as a personal experiment site and has since gone through 5 revisions to get to where it is today, version 6, launched on 17 December 1999. It is run primarily by myself (html, perl, graphics, etc) along with a few others who, from time to time, contribute to cover designs, projects, etc. The navigation font, Silkscreen, is care of Jason Kottke, and system administration is done by the great Jesse O'Neill-Oine. Vitaflo is part of Redcouch.org, which is hosted on Scully, a 350mhz AMD K6-2 with 128Mb of RAM, running Apache/1.3.6 (Unix) ApacheJServ/1.0 on Linux. Bandwidth is supplied graciously by Imaginet LLC.
Vitaflo is made up of 8 sections, listed as follows:

*index: The main entry point to vitaflo. All major recent happenings will be posted on this page. You can also subscribe from this page as well.
*plan: Various web design news bits, as well as progress reports on upcoming projects.
*project: Finalized experimental designs hinted at under Plan. These include some or all of the following: art, javascript, flash, perl, etc.
*docs: After a certain amount of time after they are finalized, projects (and other web tools) may be documented with full source code and/or files, for download by the general public.
*covers: All of the past months cover art is on display here, along with links to the creators website (if applicable).
*href: Links to various reputable experimental web designers.
*about: This page.
*contact: A form to pose your questions and comments about the site or web ideas in general.

If you would like to show your support for vitaflo, you can do so by putting a link to www.vitaflo.com on your web page. If you prefer a banner link, feel free to use the one below.

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The name vitaflo™ is a trademarked name, used in conjunction with this website for the goods and services it provides throughout the world. Any reference to the name "vitaflo" on this site carries this trademark distinction.

All content on vitaflo™ is © 2000 by Brent Gustafson. As such, anything you decide to use (code, art, etc) that has not been opened under the Docs section for public consumption must include a reference to myself and vitaflo.com as the originator of said content.

Any content under the Docs section for public consumption may be used without this limitation. However sending on a link to any new creation made with information gathered on this site would be beneficial (though not required).