System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

33MHz 68040-equipped Macintosh
System 7.1 or greater
640x400 8-bit display
2x CD-ROM drive
8 megabytes RAM
30 megabytes hard drive space

Highly Recommended

PowerPC-equipped Macintosh
(604 processor for optimum performance)
640x480 8-bit display
16 megabytes RAM
35 megabytes hard drive space
Hexen requires Sound Manager 3.1. (comes with the game).
Hexen WILL work with Virtual Memory enabled,
but speed and sound quality will suffer.
8 megs of RAM is a MINIMUM, and it's HIGHLY
recommended that it be run on a machine with 16
megs of physical RAM with Virtual Memory disabled.

MacHexen Features

320x200, 320x240, 640x400, and 640x480 Modes
( 832x480, 832x642, 1024x642, and 1024x768 modes may come in an update)
Low-, Medium-, and High-detail modes
FULL keyboard configuration
8 player networking between Mac to Mac, and Mac to PC
Stereo music with separation effects
16 sound channels on Power Macs
8 sound channels on 68k Macs
Real time reverb
Full support for PC Hexen Wad files
Cheat codes
Multiple button mouse
Joystick support
Demo recording